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A timber frame house being erected. The floor area is nine hundred square feet. The exterior walls and roof are made up of 2x6 timber studs and rafters. The sub floor is made up with 2x7 inch joists supported on an eight foot span. The entire building has been fully insulated, using many different insulation products. Kingspan, triso 10, glass fibre and rockwool. The finished house is also shown here, finished with exterior timber shiplap cladding, dark oak pvc double glazed windows, and a pvc coated sheetmetal tile effect sheathing, has been used on the roof. The gutters are made of the same material as the roof and run the full circumference of the full hipped roof.

Timber Framed House.
Sub-Floor and Walls.

The floor is framed in this image using 2x7 inch joisting. Kingspan 4 inch has been cut and supported with batons, then finished in three quarter inch exterior plywood, completing the sub-floor. Also visible are the framed exterior walls positioned for the day all walls are erected, in this timber frame house project.

Timber Framed Walls.
Joined and Fixed in Place.

The timber framed walls have been framed to size, and are all lifted and fixed in place. The second image shown is of all exterior and interior walls erected and fixed. The timber frame house is now ready for the roof construction.