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R.S.J. Installation.
Reinforced Steel Joist Installation.

RSJ After Installation
Reinforced Steel Joist

An opening made through a load bearing wall, using a rsj(reinforced steel joist) to support the load bearing wall above. This image shows the existing wall with a window and door opening, before acro supports have been placed. Also an after installation image of the load bearing wall, framed in timber studding and finished in aluminunum powder coat sheathing.

Load Bearing Wall
Propped with Acrows.

Acros are placed to carry the weight of the load bearing wall above. Now the existing wall with window and door opening can be removed, to create a wider opening. A pillar of brick needs to be left on both sides to support the new rsj(reinforced steel joist)

RSJ Raised into Place
After Rubble is Removed

The rsj(reinforced steel joist)is being raised into place using a winche. The concrete pads on both sides have been levelled and set, ready for the rsj to slide into place. Once all space above the rsj has been packed tight with dry mix cement and brick, the load bearing wall will be fully supported and the acros csan be removed.